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Gender-Specific Issues in Autism and Vaccination

For every four children who have autism, three of them are boys. The problem for our boys is so bad that one in 38 boys now has ASD. Many of these are severely mentally disabled and will never be able to have a job or get married, leading parents and researchers to wonder how social services will be planned once these children reach adulthood or whether there will be enough mentally aware men to marry the nation's daughters.

While lots of people with mild ASD can and do hold down careers and have a family, the people on the severe end of the scale are robbed of those choices. The massive increase in autism has taken lots of people out of the workforce, reduced the productivity of our society and denied their relatives relationships with grandchildren, nieces and nephews that they would have had if the affected person could have had a family.

So why do so many of our boys get autism?

The answer is fundamental differences in the immune system of males vs. females.

The Male Disadvantage Hypothesis

It's undoubtedly a dangerous and risky world for a male. Right from the moment of conception, the male child faces a greater struggle to stay alive and be healthy. 30% more spontaneous miscarriages occur in pregnancies carrying a male fetus. Male fetuses also have a higher rate of congenital malformalities, suffer more post-birth complications such as respiratory distress syndrome, they have lower average apgar scores, a greater chance of being born prematurely or having an intracranial haemorrhage. In addition, males have a higher rate of asthma, gastroenteritis and intellectual disability and a higher overall mortality rate compared with girls. More boys than girls die suddenly during the first year of life in an anomaly known as 'crib death' or SIDS. These facts led to the male disadvantage hypothesis by Naeye in 1971.

(Journal of Life Sciences, 1 (1):63-71 (2009) and Kids Health).

Baby boys are less able to cope with oxidative stress due to environmental toxins and they cannot handle maternal smoking or factors like maternal obesity as well as their female counterparts. They are also more vulnerable to the effects of malnutrition and to infectious diseases

Male Susceptibility to Viruses and Vaccine Side-Effects

As baby boys are at greater risk of infectious diseases, they are also at greater risk from the viruses and bacteria and other toxins in vaccines.The Israeli Center for Disease Control conducted a study on differences in vaccine reactions between sexes.

They studied the health of 755 infants one month before and one month after the MMR vaccine and they found that female infants had a greater chance of having a fever and a rash after vaccination:

While the researchers viewed this as an adverse effect, a fever is actually a beneficial effect of the immune system. During a fever, white blood cell count is increased and these cells kill viruses and bacteria, allowing the child to fight the vaccine toxins and recover quicker. Fever is so beneficial that it limits the possibility of serious complications from disease and protects from mortality. This is evidenced by the fact that infected animals with fever survive in greater numbers and autistic children who have fever sometimes have a temporary lessening of their symptoms).

Rash is also a sign that the body is excreting toxins through the skin, a sign that the detoxification system is working. Although most doctors think that a mild rash or no rash during infectious disease or after vaccination means the person has coped better with it, it may in fact mean that the viruses or toxins have gone deeper into the body.

A fatal case of measles in an adult French woman demonstrates this fact:

Fatal Measles without Rash in Immunocompetent Adult, France

'PCR testing of the patient’s saliva by the French National Reference Center confirmed the presence of measles virus. Retrospective testing of serum, bone marrow, and BAL specimens collected during days 2–20 of hospitalization demonstrated measles virus RNA. The strain was identified as genotype D4, which is the epidemic strain circulating in France and elsewhere in Europe (1). The patient had no history of enanthem (Koplik spots) or morbilliform rash before or after symptom onset and no documented history of measles vaccination.....
This unusual case underscores the need for physicians to consider the diagnosis of measles, even in the absence of classical clinical features, during measles outbreaks.'

(Emerging Infectious Diseases, Volume 18, Number 3, March 2012).

(The reader should note that vaccinating against measles actually increases the risk of death from measles complications for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people because it changes the age distribution of the infection in two ways - as vaccines 'wear off', more and more people are getting measles in their teen years and adulthood when the disease is much more dangerous. This shift in age of onset has changed the circulating patterns of measles, meaning that everyone - whether vaccinated or not - has a greater chance of contracting measles in adulthood when it has a high death rate).

In the UK, the only measles deaths in children occured in a boy taking immuno-suppressive medication and a child with immuno deficiency disease. All other deaths were in 'older individuals'.

(Health Protection Agency).

AIDS patients can also get measles without rash, showing that this is a sign of a deficient immune response to the virus:

So in actual fact, the females increased incidence of post-vaccination fever only proves that their immune systems work better.

Oesteogen Enhances the Immune System

The reason for the enhanced female immune system is because of the hormone oestrogen which strengthens the immune response and protects neurological function. This may also be why boys are more prone to neurodevelopmental disorders.  While oestrogen helps the brain to make an inflammatory reaction against toxins, it also regulates this reaction and ensures that it is transient and appropriate. Lack of oestrogen de-regulates this process. Animals without oestrogen had an abnormal immune response and this defective response caused viruses to spread. As males cannot control their cytokines as easily through lack of the female hormone, scientists found it allowed pathogens to hide from the immune system and cause neuronal damage and viral encephalitis.

The Journal of Immunology wrote:

'This defective innate immune response was also associated with a widespread viral replication and neurodegeneration in ovariectomized mice inoculated intranasally with HSV-2. These data provide evidence that interaction of E2 with their nuclear ERα plays a critical role in the control of cytokines involved in the transfer from the innate to adaptive immunity. This transfer is deviant in mice lacking E2, which allows pathogens to hide from immune surveillance and exacerbates neuronal damages during viral encephalitis. .....

The endotoxin injected either systemically or centrally also triggers proinflammatory signaling and gene expression in microglial cells throughout the CNS (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8). The main role of this rapid inflammatory response is to eliminate the pathogen and prepare the transfer from the innate to adaptive immunity..... The next series of experiments investigated the consequences of an altered innate immune response in a model of viral infection, which involves both innate and adaptive immunities. The HSV-2 is neurotrophic and its replication in the CNS is associated with a robust inflammatory response in the hindbrain of male mice (21). Female mice inoculated with HSV-2 also exhibited a strong hybridization signal for numerous inflammatory genes and the viral thymidine kinase (index of HSV replication) in the pons and medulla 7–10 days postinoculation. However, the signals were low or barely detectable in more rostral regions, such as the hypothalamus, mammillary bodies, and thalamic structures of intact female mice (Fig. 5). In contrast, a widespread pattern of HSV-immunoreactive neurons and TLR2-expressing cells was found across the hypothalamus of OVX mice killed 10 days after being inoculated with HSV-2. This microglial reactivity (TLR2-positive cells) (Fig. 5C) is a direct consequence of an increased neurovirulence (Fig. 5A) and HSV-induced neuronal damage.

Intact mice inoculated with the virus had very few (if any) positive HSV-immunoreactive neurons in these rostral regions, but numerous HSV+/NeuN neurons were found across the hindbrain of both intact and OVX mice (data not shown). These data indicate that an inadequate innate immune reaction to HSV-2 is associated with an increased neurovirulence and a more widespread neurodegeneration in the brain of OVX mice.'

So although females had a more robust response to vaccination, they were able to control that response and restrict it in certain areas of the brain. The dysregulated male response resulted in chronic and widespread activation of glial inflammatory cells that caused neurodevelopmental problems. This could be what is happening in the brains of boys when they are vaccinated.

(The Journal of Immunology vol. 174 no. 10 6391-6398).

Testosterone is Immuno-Suppressive

In addition to oestrogen boosting and protecting immune function, the male hormone testosterone is immuno-suppressive.

While females are more at risk of certain auto-immune disorders (because their immune system is strong and may be hypersensitive), they are far more efficient at fighting off bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections and they have lower risk of cognitive complications.

This enhanced immunity, helped by reduced testosterone, also helps them to fight off the toxic effects of vaccines and mount good antibody responses.

In tests of flu vaccine on 53 women and 34 men, it was discovered that the men had weaker immune responses to the vaccine and fewer neutralising antibodies than women.

With fewer neutralising antibodies, the vaccine viruses and other toxins have a free reign.

(PNAS, 14 January 2014).

So vaccination puts the male child at risk of neurological decline whilst not even giving them sufficient protection from the infectious diseases for which they were vaccinated.

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